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Washer Toss, Washoes, Redneck Horseshoes, whatever you want to call it, you have come to the right place.

If you enjoy, or hate horseshoe throwing, this is the game for you!  Developed originally as Washer Toss, Redneck Horseshoes, Washoes etc-  
This simple game will provide hours and hours of entertainment by playing, or observing a game.  Suitable for all age groups, nearly all physical or mental capacities!
Recently, May 2004, I found some wood around the house a couple of coffee cans, and some washers- cut up the wood, mounted the cans- I played 3 games with my wife (to 15 points- she won 2/3) and the following day, Paul came down and we played 12 games (between yard work) my mother soon joined for a couple. 
"Everyone with a backyard should have this much fun"
So simple where anyone can play, and now readily available!

This is a complete set of Wash Toss:

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