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I came up with the idea of distributing these games from years of playing at the New Hampshire International Speedway during the weekend of the Winston (Now Nextel) Cup races held twice there each year.  This year, 2004, NHIS has imposed a $125 fee on those that camp there.  For our group, this fee eliminated the desire to attend the Saturday events on race weekend. 
I figure, since we will be enjoying this game in place of Saturday's events- why not help others that are in the same boat as we are?
Thanks to Joe who built the original set that we have used, and passed around for years.

Thanks to;
Joe R., Paul S., Mike A., Bernie S., Bruce L., Don D., Neil L., Steve S.
Jason C.

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Our group is quite well versed in carpentry, construction, electro-mechanical repair, computer, electronics, and web design.  Drop a note for assistance with anything!


Production takes place in a state of the art garage, while before the original set was put to the public; Complete concept engineering, research, development,  and prototype production and field testing have been completed. 
If you have any suggestions that prove to be an improvement and is implimented on future versions, you will receive a complete set!
Thanks for your support! 

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