W1UJ Icom 756 Pro II Computer Screen Panadapter
This is the first attempt at getting the signal from the IF, and IT WORKED! Awesome!
I have the Inrad Roofing filter Mod So my bandwidth is limited by that, but effective!

This project is based on an article produced by Filippo - IZ1FKS and Downloadable pdf Here
And the Mods.dk link Here

Gathering of the raw materials!
RTL-SDR Purchased 2 of -THESE- Receivers
One is running a ADSB receiver server for Airplane GPS and the other is for the SDR-Panadapter Project

I had a TMP connector as a spare from a K3 build years ago
I simply plugged it into the TMP socket labeled for testing on the RF Board on the bottom of rig
The TMP connector on a piece of very thin coax may be the toughest thing to obtain.
Inrad has some kits available Here

-73-202 binocular toroid to wind 7/7 turns of #26 magnet wire for a 1:1 transformer. It -just- fits in the core
The information for the 1:1 transformer is based on information on the Clifton Labs transformer page and materials on hand.

I simply plugged in the TMP connector and ran the coax out of the back of the rig near the 4-pin connector labeled 'Tuner'
Wire tied and heat-shrink the Coax to the Toroid and left the transformer out of the radio
Listened to weak signals plugging and unplugging the TMP wiothout any noticeable effect on the received signal.

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