W1UJ Low Band Receiving and Transmitting antennas
Updated 11-Jan-2012

The existing 500' WD-1A Beverage/K1FZ transformers is working great
Unfortunately, it is pointing 340/160 degrees
The Yellow line is where the new Beverage will go.
The shorter Red NE Beverage may be for experimentation (Center Fed)

All of the parts for my Beverage experimentation!
1/3 Mile of WD-1a, T1, T4, T5a and a 75/50, extra ferrite, and
The Clifton Labs Norton preamplifier!

This is the existing Center-fed 40m Extended Double Zepp Antenna
Modified for 160m and radials added-
A rope was needed to 'pull' the antenna towards a tower, so making it conductive seems reasonable.

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