First set of Phillystran Guys to be ~52' area

N1WK Setting the 2nd Guyed Section

Looking good 2 sets of Guys and 60'

Top section getting ready

N1WK Getting another section up.

N1WK 70' On!

N1WK Hopefully the 3el Steppir to the left will live about at Kim's Feet on the new tower.

What is getting replaced. It is time........

Nope... Still can't see it from K-Mart "Highly disappointed"

The feedline going up to the 80m Inverted Vee ~70' apex hung off of gin pole

The 80m Inverted vee ~70'

KE1LI Securing the last section/top ~78'

KE1LI It is on and the guys have been secure... Yeah! It is up!

Hardware to rebuild 2 complete TicRing 1022 ring rotors

Here is the removable bearing and clips for install of the ring on the Tic Bracket
There is a spring loaded bearing that you need to fight to line up this bearing's bolt

This is the loosely assembled ring. One motor on the ground.
Note the clamp in the middle- 3 of these with 4-bolts each secure the ring to the tower

The needle on the original Tic controller drifts more that the old FT-101EE

For size comparison the Caddy wheel- I can easily handle the bracket and ring with one hand

2nd Thrust Bearing and slightly used bolts

Need 6 more of the Gr5 bolt- 12 of the bigger cotter pin and 2 of the little guys
to complete the Tic hardware

Wire brushed and a heavy coat of cold galvanizing paint. Looks like new

Fixed the drifting- labeled and WX-Proofed the cables for the TIC motors

Making sure all of the new hardware is ready to rock

KE1LI Started early tightening guy brackets

KE1LI N1WK Tic ring is up there- Lowering gin pole

KE1LI Setting the Tic bracket

KE1LI Setting the Tic Ring!
After briefly wrestling with the slave Tic drive, Paul decided that since the gears didn't match
That it was not getting mounted. This was a very good idea!

This is why..... The c-clip ring is about 1/8" away from it's home
Cleaning and pushing the clip down was fine, I wonder if it was knocked out of whack from Leo's original install!?!

Nice and tight at top and bottom

My First windload! (Besides W1UJ climbs...)

Camera zoomed in. Looks good

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