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K1KP Moxon

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Word file:

K1KP Scratch built W6NL 40m Moxon 07142011 revised 05022012.doc

Description of antenna design and design philosophy and methods. Includes some construction details. Note that this was written before installation; if I had it to do over again I would change the boom to a larger diameter. Elements need to be trussed (newer 100MPH design purportedly does not have this requirement). If using the W6NL truss design for elements, the PVC vertical support needs to be stiffened with a fiberglass insert, or replaced altogether with a fiberglass rod.

4 .jpg images:

These are imaqges from Yagi Mechanical design program that show the half-element and half-tee section construction and dimensions.


This is a 4Nec2 simulation deck. It can be read with Notepad. If you need to convert this for use in other simulators, be aware that the elements are specified by radius, not diameter. Other programs like EZNEC use diameter. To run this in 4Nec2 you need to autosegmentation on, and set to 75 segments per half wave.

parts list sorted scratch version 07212011.xls:

This is a spreadsheet I used to organize the details of purchased materials. It includes some useful sources and part numbers. No guarantee for completeness or accuracy.

element schedule scratch version 07142011.xls:

This is a spreadsheet of the element and tee dimensions including exposed length, overlaps, and inserts. This should agree with the YM drawings, the parts list, and the model.